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OEI Magnetic Oil Filter

Magnetic Funnel Scrubber

OEI Food Grade Magnetic Funnel Scrubbers are designed for maximum protection of sanitary lines and processing equipment from damaging ferrous contaminants. OEI's patented Magnetic Technology traps particles to sub-micron levels.

  • A variety of sanitary connections are available for ease of installation and service
  • Employs powerful magnetic filter rods with full exposure to the product, with minimal flow restrictions and maximum contamination exposure
  • Magnetic filter rods are easily removed for inspection and or cleaning
  • Magnetic field strength removes ferrous contamination down to sub microns
  • Designed for permanent installations; simply flush clean then remove magnetic filter rods and wipe clean
OEI Industrial Grade Magnetic Funnel Scrubbers are designed to remove unwanted ferrous metal (iron, steel, nickel and hardened stainless steel) from the processing lines in which products may be transferred and or packaged.

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