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OEI Magnetic Oil Filter

Magnetic Filter Rods

2000/2500/3000 Series Magnetic Filter Rods are designed to be installed in reservoirs, gear boxes, filter elements, pipe lines and more. These Magnetic Filters will trap ferrous contaminants and non-ferrous contaminates (by static adhesion) to sub micron levels. Available in a variety of magnetic filter rod sizes and fasteners.

OEI manufactures all our Magnetic Filter Rods with 304/316 Stainless Steel Tubing (Monel and other Stainless grades are available). Rare Earth Magnets are installed in our patented method that creates the most powerful non-electric magnetic fields available. For filtration of Ferrous and Nonferrous (hydro statically charged) contamination down to sub-micron levels in all fluids, gases, chips and powders etc. Designed to be user friendly (easily cleaned) long life (10+ years) of service, custom designs are welcome.

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