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OEI Magnetic Oil Filter

Magnetic Filter Cone Strainer

Designed for start-ups of new and existing pipelines. Traditionally after start-up the cone strainer is removed. The compressor and or pumps (meter) are left without protection from the ferrous metal created by the erosion and corrosion of the pipeline. With OEI's Magnetic Filtration Cone Strainer the screen can be removed and the Magnetic Filter reinstalled to offer continuous protection.

  • Mesh screen is removed and magnetic filtration continues with minimal flow restriction
  • Protects compressors, pumps and flow meters
  • Traps Black Powder - ferrous and non-ferrous contamination (due to adhesion)
  • Designed with OEI patented magnetic technology
  • Can be ordered with or without mesh screen cone
  • 2" D x 12" L magnetic filter has holding capability of 600 lbs

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