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OEI Magnetic Oil Filter


Traps ferrous & non-ferrous contamination down to submicron levels which are analyzed for a predictive maintenance program. ADD-Vantage 9000 Series is the combination of two filtration technologies:

  • Reusable, stainless steel element
  • Patented magnetic filter technology


  • Continuous total filtration of the most damaging contaminants (iron and steel) down to 1 micron
  • Flows 40% more fluid than conventional elements
  • True filtration, no "channeling" or "worm holing"
  • Filter elements easily clean in a parts washer or an ultrasonic cleaner, with solvent, or soap & water or the OEI Enviro Wash Station
  • Also fits conventional paper and glass pack filters
  • Allows inspection of wear metals trapped on the magnetic filter rod and filter
  • Eliminates costs of filter stocking and used filter disposal
  • Eliminates environmental impact from disposal of used filters & oil and associated environmental taxes
  • 3 year full warranty, 10+ year effective life
  • Extend oil change intervals from 300 to 1000+ hours with oil analysis

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