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CJC Magnetic Oil Filter

CJC™ Fine Filter

CJC™ Fine Filters are offline oil filtration systems with integrated circulating pumps for off-line installation. The filters are recognized around the world as highly efficient purification systems for applications involving hydraulic oil, lubrication oil, gear oil, quenching oil, phosphate esters and more. CJC™ Fine Filters are ideal for controlling oil contamination levels for particles, water and degradation products (oxidation resin/sludge, varnish). The CJC™ Depth Filters have a filtration degree of 3 microns absolute and a very large dirt-holding capacity.

The Problem

Contamination of an oil system leads to various problems which can result in machinery breakdowns, frequent repairs of equipment and reduced oil lifetime. All of which means inefficient production and unnecessary expenses spend on repair and oil change.

The Solution

The CJC™ depth filter insert has a very large dirt holding capacity. CJC™ Filters are therefore almost maintenance free and have low operation costs. All CJC™ Fine Filter Inserts have a 3 μm absolute filtration ratio and will remove particles, resin and water in one and the same operation.

The Result

The benefits that you achieve when implementing CJC™ Off-line Fine Filters will have a positive effect on your maintenance budgets as well as increasing your productivity and lowering your energy comsumption.

Less Maintenance

  • Less wear and increased lifetime of components and oil
  • Longer time between service intervals
  • Longer lifetime of in-line filter inserts
Increased Productivity
  • Fewer unplanned breakdowns and stops of production
  • Enhanced operational precision
Lower Energy Consumption
  • Lubricating capabilities remain intact
  • Reduced friction
  • Efficiency is maintained
  • Viscosity index is kept stable
  • Pressure loss over in-line filters is reduced (only by use of off-line fine filters)

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