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CJC Magnetic Oil Filter

CJC™ Desorber, Water Removal

CJC™ Desorbers are patented products designed to remove water from oil types which either bind and emulsify water or are high viscosity oil (up to ISO VG 1000). CJC™ Desorbers are ideal for use in applications in which water ingress is a continuous and significant problem, whether for lubrication oil, gear oil or hydraulic oil. CJC™ Desorbers heat oil slightly before it meets a counter flow of cool air in the desorber housing. Air heated by the oil expands, drawing water from the oil. The subsequent air-cooling condenses the water and the dry air is re-used for removing water from incoming oil.

The Problem

Water in oil leads to reduced viscosity, reduced filter ability, reduced lubricity, formation of rust and bacterial growth increasing degradation of the oil. All of these factors lead to reduced lifetime of both the components and the oil.

The Solution

The desorption process is based on the principle that heated air can effectively hold large quantities of water. In the CJC™ Desorbers the oil is pre-heated and met by a counter flow of cold, dry air. The air, heated very quickly by the hot oil, will expand and absorb any water present, until saturation.

The Result

The benefits obtained when installing a CJC™ Desorber will have a positive effect on your maintenance budget as well as increase your productivity and reduce your energy consumption.

Less Maintenance

  • Less wear and increased lifetime of components and oil
  • Longer time between service intervals
  • Enhanced operational precision
Increased Productivity
  • Fewer unplanned breakdowns and improved reliability
  • Leaking coolers can be repaired at scheduled overhauls
Lower Energy Consumption
  • Lubricating capabilities remain intact and internal friction is lowered
  • Reduced pressure drop over in-line filters
  • Viscosity index is kept stable and efficiency is maintained

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