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Castrol Oil Lubricants

Tribol 943 AW

Castrol Tribol™ 943 AW (anti-wear) hydraulic and circulating oils were developed to meet the demands of the most severe hydraulic applications. These high performance, ashless (zinc-free), multi-service oils can extend service life for uninterrupted machine availability and production. The following performance characteristics are emphasised. Oxidation stability to significantly extend safe oil service life and to protect tight machine clearance from varnish or deposits. Anti- wear protection to maintain crucial tolerance characteristics of advanced hydraulic systems and to protect gears and bearings in circulating systems. Corrosion resistance to give protection, exceeding normal industry standards, against damage from condensed atmospheric moisture.


Hydraulics - designed for the most sophisticated hydraulic operations, robots, and other NC machines, Tribol 943 AW oils may be used in any industrial, marine, or mobile applications.

Circulating systems - outstanding anti-wear properties make Tribol 943 AW oils ideal for multi-component systems including anti-friction and journal bearings and all types of gears except where manufacturers specify AGMA "EP" or "Compounded" gear oils.

Compressors – Tribol 943 AW 32 and Tribol 943 AW 46 in centrifugal and flooded screw compressors can significantly extend oil service life compared with conventional petroleum compressor oils and ATF fluids. In fact, drain intervals approach the range of some synthetic fluids. Tribol 943 AW oils may also be used in reciprocating compressors if temperatures are not high and units are not prone to valve deposits.


  • The base oils in Tribol 943 AW are selected for chemical and thermal stability. They are also selected for the naturally high film strength necessary to prevent rupture at the highest pump pressures and tightest clearances where operating conditions usually lead to mixed or boundary (contact) lubrication. The premium base oils also maintain unsurpassed cleanliness, therefore minimising formation of varnish deposits and wear debris in any system
  • The anti-wear characteristics of Tribol 943 AW oils are achieved by a unique additive system which does not include zinc. The advanced anti-wear additive systems maintain critical dimensions in robots and other NC machines, therefore extending the service life of valves, pumps, gears, and bearings
  • The unsurpassed oxidation stability of Tribol 943 AW oils is a result of extensive research to stabilise petroleum oils at high operating temperatures. The balanced, total additive system in Tribol 943 AW oils also inhibits foaming and provides an unusual degree of corrosion protection see Typical Characteristics

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