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Castrol Oil Lubricants

Optigear Syntethic A

Optigearâ„¢ Synthetic A are fully synthetic high performance gear oils with MICROFLUX TRANS additives. They offer optimum wear protection under very extreme thermal loads and operating conditions such as vibrations, oscillating motions and shock loads. The wide range of temperature - especially in case of low starting temperatures - and the high load carrying capacity are special assets of these industrial gear oils. Thermally and mechanically stable polyalphaolefin and the MICROFLUX TRANS additive combination adjust themselves to the changing operating conditions and actively prevent wear.


  • For especially highly loaded industrial gears - in case of great changes in temperature and extreme loads
  • For wind power stations, conveyor belts, crane control gears, lifts, rolling mills etc
  • For highly loaded eccentrics, gear couplings, chain drives, robot drives and joints as well as positive power transmissions
  • For all types of rolling and sliding bearings, especially for tapered roller bearings in extruders, shaking screens, vibrators or for spindle presses
  • For transport systems operated during winter
  • Especially suited for arctic countries such as Canada, North America and Scandinavia


  • Good viscosity/temperature behavior, wide range of operating temperature
  • Excellent low-temperature behavior, easy starting, good fluidity at extremely low temperatures
  • Optimum wear protection - smoothing of pitting and scoring
  • Especially low coefficient of friction leading to reduced friction and energy costs, lowering of oil temperatures
  • Significantly extended oil change intervals, reduced maintenance costs
  • Shear-stable
  • High corrosion protection, compatible with non-ferrous metals
  • Compatible with conventional paints and sealing materials

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