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Castrol Grease Lubricants

Open Gear Greases

Castrol's open gear greases can be divided into two main types:

  • Semi-dry working film (Metallic Soap)
    The primary function of this type of lubricant is to act as a friction reducing interface between the meshing surfaces and to cushion against shock loads.
  • Semi-fluid gel (Non Soap)
    Our unique semi-fluid gel (thixotropic) greases are formulated with a non-soap, inorganic thickening system.

Molub Alloy 936 SF Heavy

Castrol Molub-Alloy™ 936 SF Heavy is a uniquely compounded solvent free open gear lubricant developed specifically for use on heavy duty equipment in the extremes of environments. It is compounded to give maximum protection whilst minimizing potential pollutants to the environment. A highly refined, viscous, paraffinic mineral oil is the foundation of a blended base fluid with excellent natural chemical and thermal stability.

Molub Alloy 8031

The Castrol Molub-Alloy™ 8031 range are based on a high viscosity base oil gel formulated with a non-soap, inorganic thickening system. They contain a high viscosity base fluid especially designed to provide extreme pressure (EP) and anti-wear characteristics to the lubricant.


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