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Castrol Grease Lubricants

Standard and high performance for added security and reliability

The grease structure and the performance properties of any grease are determined by the thickener and fluid selected, the fluid/thickener ratio, the nature of supplementary components, and by the manufacturing and packaging processes. Grease types are commonly identified in terms of the thickener-the so-called "base".

  • Simple Soaps - are formed by combinations of fatty acid (derived from animal or vegetable fat) and an active metal.
  • Complex Soaps - are formed by the joint reaction of an active metal with a fatty acid and a non-fatty acid (The combination with the fatty acid is a soap, with the non-fatty acid it is describe as a "salt").
  • Non-Soaps - Inorganic thickeners are primarily of mineral origin. Modified clays (bentonite), graphite, carbon black, silica gel, and various metallic oxides are employed. Molybde-num disulfide may alse be used as a thickener which additionally serves as a lubricant supplement.

Food & Beverage Industry Greases

Exposure of the lubricated part to the edible product of food or beverage, or its packaging.

Heavy-Duty Greases

A full line of Castrol lubricants are available for the lubrication of both plain (or sleeve-type) bearings and antifriction for ball and roller bearings. Depending on the type of bearing, as well as the method of applying lubricant, bearings may be lubricated with oils or greases.

High Performance Greases

Castrol's high performance greases have been developed over many years of extensive research and development.These products have gained an excellent track record in many industries and in the most severe applications, bringing you increased security and peace of mind.
Our MP-HP products have a number of key advantages over conventional ones, including excellent load carrying ability, friction reduction characteristics, mechanical stability and oxidation/thermal resistance.

High & Low Temperature Greases

Our high temperature range of greases have been designed for the most severe conditions. They are all fully synthetic and thermally stable, providing long re-lubrication intervals at maximum operational reliability.
These products have several major advantages over conventional ones, such as outstanding oxidation and thermal stability, corrosion protection, resistance to water washout, wear protection and mechanical stability.

Multi Purpose Greases

Our multi-purpose range of greases provide reliable performance for a wide variety of applications. The MP range is designed for use in plain and rolling element bearings and exhibits good mechanical stability, adhesion, water resistance, copper and steel corrosion resistance and wear protection for good all round performance.

Open Gear Greases

Castrol's open gear greases can be divided into two main types:

  • Semi-dry working film (Metallic Soap)
    The primary function of this type of lubricant is to act as a friction reducing interface between the meshing surfaces and to cushion against shock loads.
  • Semi-fluid gel (Non Soap)
    Our unique semi-fluid gel (thixotropic) greases are formulated with a non-soap, inorganic thickening system.

Specialty Greases

A select base oil blend plus FDA-approved aluminium complex thickener gives this grease good adhesion, film strength, and excellent water-wash characteristics even at elevated temperatures.


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