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Increase Productivity

Our comprehensive range of world-class lubricants deliver the performance you need in every application, including the most demanding and capital intensive, where leading edge lubrication technology is vital.

From gear oils to greases, our standard and high performance lubricants can help your equipment run smoothly, even in the most difficult environments, and for long periods of time – giving you improved reliability.

Reduced Maintenance Time and Increase Safety

The smallest malfunction, even if it only affects one component of the equipment, can cause machine breakdowns resulting in high repair costs.

Production downtimes that are caused by incorrect lubrication can be prevented with automatic perma lubrication systems.
They also prevent contamination caused by dust, moisture and others by hermetically sealing lubrication points.

Increased Equipment Reliability and Lifetime

The key to reliable machinery is clean oil, and C.C.JENSEN A/S is a global leader in oil filtration.

C.C.JENSEN A/S designs and manufactures CJC™ Oil Filtration Systems for removal of particles, water, acid and oil degradation products from oil and other fluids.
Preventive oil maintenance is an important factor to ensure increased equipment reliability and lifetime - in all industries.

Industrial & Fleet

We manufacture an extensive product line utilizing new magnet technology. Our filters work with and compliment existing filtration systems and or replace them with reusable stainless screen filters. Custom designs are welcome.

Industry has been reluctant to employ magnetic filtration due to years of exposure to ineffective design and limited magnetic ability.

Welcome To Sinarmentari Indoprima

We carefully selected all of our product lines to ensure our standard of distributing high quality products to the market. Our specialization in distributing high quality products, years of experience, and long-term relationship minded ensure us to serve our customers to our best.

  • perma STAR VARIO on Fan Bearing.

  • perma FUTURA on Labelling Machine.

  • perma CLASSIC on Bearing.

  • perma FUTURA on Greasing Point.

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